Who are we?

Global Property Services has been a leading Timeshare advertisers across the U.S. We made a special global timeshare marketplace and advertising company who's mission is to connect owners, buyers and renters. We extend innovative products, create cutting edge marketing technology and constantly grow to meet the needs and wants of each and every valued customers. Our team is made up of unique, creative people who aim to be, not just real, but add value to every service they provide. Each team member follows a very specific, strict code of ethics and celebrates success by simply putting the customer first.


Why Choose Us?

To put it simply, we are the best- Because we listen. As the needs and desires of our customers have shaped and evolved over the years, we've implemented new services and programs in order to see to it that we're able to meet those needs. For timeshare owners looking to sell a timeshare, we've completely streamlined the process in order to make it as simple and quick as possible. In addition to our proven advertising success, we've been able to set ourselves apart from the competition by dilligently developing a suite of services which not only provides maintenance fee relief, but also generates cash in your pocket while you wait for your timeshare to sell.
You won't find a program like this anywhere else! For buyers and travelers looking to save money on vacation ownership, GPS is the one-stop-shop for the greatest deals on timeshares for sale by owner and for rent by owner.


Our Partners

With a constantly growing, top notch lineup of major industry leading partners, along with our award winning, acclaimed customer service team, and our always expanding group of community users, GPS is the simplest way for those interested to monetize their extra space and also showcase it to an audience of millions. The fast growing vacation industry has evolved into a worldwide market for resale and rental opportunities. Those who are brand new, and those knowledgable to vacation properties have been steadily increasing and utilizing the resale and rental market to purchase or rent a vacation property.



Global Property Services is a recognized name, able to offer incredible exposure for our clients. As the needs of our clients continue to grow, we have built a network of like-minded brands, linking together in order to provide an abundance of services to meet whatever needs may arise. Our network shares the goal of bringing trust and stability to the timeshare resale market. Each company within our massive network extends a unique menu of services, adding all the more value to our clients. From advertising, to contract preparation, financing and maintenance fee relief, we can confidently say we are more than capable of supporting every last need pertaining to  timeshare owners like no one else.